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National Vegetarian Week at Byzantium.

It's National Vegetarian week!

This week (15-21st May) is National Vegetarian Week so we've decided to offer something special for our diners! This week, if you order 4 items from our 'Vegetable Tapas' We'll give you an extra one FREE!!! So whether it's our tremendous Tortilla Vasca, our sensational Halloumi Saganaki or even our BRAND NEW veggie spacial, the mouthwatering Caponata (featured below), order 4 and we'll give you one on us!


Said to have arrived in Palermo, Sicily via the Muslim battalions, it has the signature sweet and sour taste of Arab cuisine. (Many versions add raisins and pine-nuts.) Originally named as the sauce with many things in it, it has several different versions, leaving room for creativity and imagination.

Considered to be a poor man’s dish, it evolved during the Spanish domination into a dish that became aristocratic based on the use of fish or Capone. Over the centuries however, the pauper’s version based on seasonally available vegetables won. The famous caponata is essentially the poor version of a dish revisited by the working-class with cheaper ingredients. The key vegetable is Aubergine, which is balanced out by other veg such as peppers courgettes and tangy capers. Come and try this succulent dish during national vegetarian week and be transported to the busy streets of Palermo.

Offer available between 15 and 21 of May 2023 ONLY. 4 items from our 'vegetable tapas' menu must be ordered to receive 1 free item from the same menu and our special Caponata dish ONLY. The cheapest dish will be free.

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