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About Us

Finding Inspiration AT Every Turn

The name Byzantium derives from the Byzantine empire, which at its height had conquered most of the Mediterranean coast, including Italy, Greece, North Africa and Turkey. Byzantium was a metropolis of spices and exotic recipes from all corners of its vast empire. The food of medieval Constantinople was a fusion combining Roman culinary practices with Greek, Turkish and Eastern Orthodox cuisine. Byzantium Tapas Restaurant aims to replicate the culinary vibrancy of that cross-cultural exchange by offering you an explosion of different but complimentary tastes. Come join us for a journey across the Mediterranean Sea, sampling its rich food treasures with friends and family.


Meet The chef

Head Chef Antonello Turco is from Puglia in Southern Italy and runs Byzantium with wife Efua.  His background is in agriculture and food production. Antonello also produces his own brand of Spumante using the Champagne method. An avid foodie and slow-food enthusiast, he combines the simplicity of Italian cuisine with recipes picked up on travels across the Mediterranean. He offers a unique Tapas experience, uniting eclectic and surprising flavours and tastes to bring you an unforgettable feast. 

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