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Christmas is coming!!!

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

We've decided to plan ahead this Christmas for once! What's first on the agenda? Decorations of course! This year we've decided to let the local community dress our Christmas windows so we're inviting the kids of Kings Heath and beyond to create their best Christmas decorations so we can display them in our window throughout December!

It can be a poster, Christmas card, snowflake, bauble, whatever you like!!! We'll leave the creativity down to you! Just make sure its A4 size or smaller so there is room for everyone.

Simply make your best Christmas decoration and post it through our door. Make sure you pop your name on it and we'll make sure it's hung proudly in our Christmas window for all of York Road to see!!! We might even post some of the best ones on our social media too! Oh and try and get them in to us by the 19th of December!!!

So get festive, get creative and get making, kids!!!

Oh, we almost forgot...the best design will win a £30 Byzantium voucher too!!!


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