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At Byzantium, we don't just take our Tapas inspiration from Spain (although we do have some wonderful Spanish dishes on offer), but we create dishes inspired from across the Mediterranean and deliver a unique dining experience. We take the already varied Tapas concept and give you the opportunity to experience not only a selection of food, but also a selection of cuisines.

Our mission is to create food that gets you talking.

Tapas Guide

Tapas is the perfect food for eating with friends, family and loved ones - it's about sharing, talking and trying new things.

There's always so much to choose from on a Tapas menu - that's the point. So to kick things off get something to nibble and something to drink - a flatbread and a bowl of beautiful olives is a great place to start!

When it comes to choosing your dishes, you've got to step out of the 'starter followed by main' mentality. Tapas gives you the opportunity to have what you want, when you want - so pick a few dishes to get you started, and if you're still hungry - why not have another.

When you're eating a selection of things, choosing your wine is much more relaxed affair - it's not about the perfect red with the perfect steak - this is about the food you want to eat and the drink you enjoy most.

If you're full by this point then you've had a great tapas experience - but there's always room for dessert...